Dark evenings don’t mean more burglaries

Home insurance burglary claims static year-round, says AA

As night-time draws in earlier, the threat of burglary will become a real concern for many. However, age-old fears that dark evenings create more opportunities for thieves may be unfounded as AA Home Insurance data reveals little correlation between winter nights and burglaries.

Historical home insurance claims data shows that burglary claims account for around 12% of all home insurance claims - regardless of the season.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance said: “It's natural to suspect you'll be more at risk of burglary in the winter when it's dark and easier to sneak around unnoticed.

“But if you can't see them, it's likely they'll have trouble seeing where they're going too. The important thing to remember is that burglary is largely opportunistic and thieves often take advantage of open windows and unlocked doors.”

Precautionary measures

With Christmas on the horizon, we understand why people get more concerned about burglaries in the winter. That's why our Home Insurance offers a 20% increase on your contents around Christmas to account for the gifts you'll have in your home.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance

Research conducted by the AA/Populus Home Panel* reveals that the majority of householders take some steps to protect themselves during the run up to Christmas to put off burglars.

Fifty-two per cent said they left their lights on when they go out, while 19% said they hid their Christmas presents, rather than put them under the tree.

A wacky 1% said they created 'Home Alone' style traps to defeat any unwelcome Christmas visitors.

Home security tips

Here are five top tips to help protect your home all year round:

  • Trim back overgrown hedges or trees – they're perfect for burglars to hide behind.
  • Make sure your security lights are working if you have them – they may put burglars off if they light up as they approach.
  • Don't leave a spare key in an obvious place. Burglars are likely to check under the doormat and plant pots near your front door.
  • Burglars are likely to be able to tell the difference between a fake burglar alarm and a real one. If you're going to buy one – make it a real one.
  • Many burglaries are opportunistic crimes. If you leave a window open or a door unlocked a burglar can get in and out quickly and easily.

*Research carried out by Populus amongst a sample of 1101 adults aged 18+ between 5 and 16 December 2012.

(7 November 2013)