Friends fall out over 'handyman' repairs

Survey reveals one in ten have fallen out with a friend over home repairs

It can be reassuring to know that if a pipe burst suddenly or a window smashed in the middle of the night, you have a friend on the other end of the phone to help fix it.

But, according to new research* from AA Home Membership, one in ten people have fallen out with their friend over home repairs. Almost half of all fallouts were because their friend took too long to repair the fault, while a quarter weren't impressed by the quality of their friend's handiwork.

An unlucky 13% were charged more than the ‘mate's rates’ they expected.

Good intentions

Helen Brooker, Head of AA Home Membership said: “It's always useful to have somebody you know ready to help out if you need them to, but good intentions don't always equal good handiwork or a quality repair.”

Around one in five (36%) said they'll rely on friends to help if they have a domestic disaster, because they'll either do it for free or won't charge much.

Helen continued: “In these instances, people seem to value price over quality. It's worth thinking about whether your friend is able to do the repair to a good standard. Some repairs – including those relating to gas and electrics for example – must only be carried out by a qualified professional.”

(20 November 2013)

*Research was carried out by Populus on behalf of the AA/Populus home panel amongst 1879 adults aged 18+ between 10th and 22nd July.

Populus is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.