Useless gadgets gathering dust

Poll reveals kitchen cupboards lined with unwanted Christmas gifts

It's almost tradition to receive a Christmas present that will never make it out of its box. In fact, Brits own millions of pounds worth of gadgets that are hardly ever used.

A poll by AA Home Membership found that fondue sets, chocolate fountains and bread makers are among the most common gadgets languishing in kitchen cupboards.

Fountains out of favour

Nearly nine out of ten respondents confessed to owning at least one little-used gadget. Chocolate fountains were the least-used item, with fondue sets and cocktail fountains rounding off the top three most useless appliances.

In contrast, electric tin openers, fruit corers and milk frothers were both the cheapest and most-used items. Toasted sandwich makers were the most popular item, with almost half of households (47%) owning one.

Helen Brooker, head of AA Home Membership said: “Most people own at least one appliance or gadget they barely use. It's not until you clear out your cupboards, or try to find space for new Christmas presents that you realise how much stuff you actually have – and a lot of it is still in the box.

“Many items on the list were once really popular, but not for very long. Fondue sets used to be a must-have – now every charity shop must have at least one on their shelves!”

The poll results in full

Gadget/appliance Items used once a year or less Average cost of item Percentage who own one
Chocolate fountain 74% £33.41 4%
Fondue set 70% £38.22 11%
Cocktail fountain 63% £42.86 1%
Carbonated drinks maker 35% £48.59 4%
Coffee Grinder 18% £41.09 16%
Cupcake maker 17% £39.44 2%
Toasted sandwich maker 14% £30.87 47%
George Foreman grill (or similar) 14% £48.88 33%
Bread maker 14% £78.96 27%
Milk frother 13% £30.21 10%
Fruit corer 12% £14.89 11%
Electric tin opener 7% £21.78 18%