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New AA/Pernod Ricard UK campaign - don’t be pressured into ‘one for the road’

28 November 2011

don’t be pressured into ‘one for the road’

don’t be pressured into ‘one for the road’

After two Christmases plagued by Arctic conditions, Christmas 2011 could see the return of the office Christmas Party, and the drink driving risk it brings.  The last two years have seen many parties postponed, or only attended by those that can walk through the snow.

But this Christmas the temptation to drink and drive will be back again.  In addition, there will be three years’ worth of new drivers encountering their first driving Christmas. The result could be that the all-time low drink drive casualty figures rise again.

The Survey asked: In the last three years have you travelled in a car when you felt the driver was over the legal drink drive limit?

  • Nationally - 5% said yes
  • London - 8%
  • North East, Scotland, Wales - 3% 
  • 18-24 year olds - 16%
  • Over 65s - 3%
AA/Pernod Ricard UK campaign

AA/Pernod Ricard UK campaign

Just one more?

The AA/Populus Poll also showed that the majority (75%) do not feel that they will be encouraged into drinking more alcohol than they want by other people.  But 25% think they can get pressurised, and over half of them feel that work colleagues are most likely to do this, pointing the finger at office parties and post-work celebrations.  The 14% citing work colleagues as those most likely to lead them astray substantially exceeds the 9% citing friends and the 1% family.  Younger drivers are much more likely to be encouraged by friends to have “one for the road”.

Which of the following groups is most likely to encourage you to drink ‘just one more’ when you are intending to drive?


  All respondents 18-24 year olds
Work colleagues 14% 13%
Friends 9% 28%
Family 1% 3%
None of the above 75% 56%

It is frightening that one and a half million people may have got a lift with a drink driver in the last three years

Edmund King, AA president


Edmund King, AA President, said: “With driving to Christmas events a thing of the past for many, and a novelty for many newer drivers, we all need to be taking responsibility for each other this Christmas.

"Employers and party organisers need to make sure there are adequate soft drinks available at events, and should be encouraging partygoers to make arrangements for getting home before they set out.

"Parents need to check how their teenagers are getting around and warn them never to get into a car with a drink driver.  Fellow party goers must not put pressure on those who are driving.  It is frightening that one and a half million people may have got a lift with a drink driver in the last three years.” 

Denis O’Flynn, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard GB, said:  “We are pleased to continue this campaign to encourage drivers to accept responsibility, particularly over the work Christmas party season.  The best advice is that if you are going to drive, don’t drink.  Accepting responsibility is key”.

Drink drive fact-file

  • Drink drive fatalities account for 13.5% of all road accident fatalities
  • In 2010, 9,700 reported casualties occurred as a result of a drunk driver
  • In 2008 there were around 410 pedestrian casualties and 90 pedal cyclist casualties in accidents with a driver over the legal alcohol limit
  • Those aged between 17-24 are more likely to have a drink driving related accident per mile driven
  • Overall, 2.4 % of men involved in an accident failed a breath test in 2010 - well over twice the rate of women

(25 November 2011)

Populus poll of 18,138 drivers conducted between 20 – 27 October 2011