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Creating a new breed of driver trainers

10 June 2011

Creating a new breed of driver trainers

Creating a new breed of driver trainers

The type of people that find their way into the advanced and defensive driver training arena, particularly those who help develop business drivers, are already going to harbour ambitions that are several steps ahead of those who only deal with learners. As skilled and experienced as they are however, there is still not a universally accepted measure of quality and consistency of course delivery on the ground.

AA DriveTech – the specialist division within The AA Group responsible for qualified driver development – is aiming to put that right.

The AA DriveTech Academy has received new funding and a fresh remit. Drawing on the huge resources of the largest motoring organisation in the world, it intends to offer the finest ‘train the trainer’ courses available, with the intention of ramping up quality across the driver training industry as a whole.

Many of the courses it developed internally, that have turned out some of the finest trainers in the land, will now be made commercially available to anybody wishing to advance themselves in an industry that is hungry for talent. The initial batch of courses available comprises:

Five Day Driving Standards Agency [D.S.A] accredited Fleet Induction Course.
Suitable for existing Approved Driving Instructors [ADIs] wishing to gain official registration to become an AA DriveTech Corporate Driver Trainer [CDT]. On completion the ADI will be able to apply to join the DSA’s Fleet Register, allowing them to legally deliver training to business and corporate drivers.

Two Day Fleet Induction Course
Aimed at existing ADIs, who want to see if the life of a CDT is for them. Effectively the first part of the full five day course but on its own can result in candidates becoming a qualified Corporate Driver Assessor [CDA] for AA DriveTech.

Three Day Fleet Induction Course
For ADIs who have completed the Two Day Fleet Induction course within the last two years and who now want to progress to becoming a fully qualified CDT, with the DSA Fleet Certification.

RoSPA Advanced Driving Test Preparation
AA DriveTech accepts Fleet registered ADIs who either hold the RoSPA Gold certificate, the highest driving qualification a civilian can hold, or are looking to gain this qualification. This course ensures that they attain the required standard to allow them to apply to become a CDT.

Two Day Advanced Fleet Induction Course
Suitable for very experienced ADIs already on the DSA Fleet Register, and who additionally hold the RoSPA Gold or Police Class 1 qualification, wishing to become full time CDTs.

Three Day Advanced Fleet Induction Course
Ideal for less experienced RoSPA Gold qualified ADIs already working in the fleet sector but who want to work at a higher level, coaching occupational drivers as a fully qualified CDT.

Fleet Check Test Preparation
Even fully qualified, experienced DSA Fleet registered CDTs have to pass a DSA Check Test every few years and this course ensures that every participant will pass with ease.

City & Guilds 7300 – Introduction to Trainer Skills
An intensive, two day course that hones the trainer’s presentation and delegate interaction skills. Ideal for those who want to excel at lecture room-based workshops, as opposed to practical in-vehicle training.

The AA DriveTech Academy doesn’t just provide courses for driver trainers though – it will also be putting on courses for those who work in call centres or deal with enquiries from internal or external customers. The expertise for this has been gained by running the highly praised call centres behind the driver education schemes that AA DriveTech operates on behalf of many police forces up and down the country.

Those wishing to find out more about price and availability of the courses run by the Academy should email