Safety & Health Expo

AA DriveTech Product Debuts at Safety & Health Expo in May

12 April 2011

Driver training

AA DriveTech fleet risk managment products on show at Safety & Health expo

The commercial training arm of the AA, AA DriveTech, will be giving visitors to the Safety & Health Expo [NEC, May 17-19] the first opportunity to experience a brand new product, known as ‘FleetRiskManager’.

Reflecting its name, the primary function of this new online tool enables those responsible for vehicle fleets to have every aspect of driver safety and well-being clearly visible in real time within a few mouse clicks.

FleetRiskManager is effectively the fleet managers’ primary source of evidence that all reasonable steps are being taken to support employer duty of care and health and safety compliance for business drivers.  It also contains certain non-driving risk management functions.

Essentially FleetRiskManager stores, and makes available through its unique ‘LiveView’ function, information on:

  • Employee driving licence details
  • Online driver risk assessment rating
  • Training recommendations resulting from that assessment
  • Dates, location and outcome of any training then provided, be it online e-learning modules, workshop attendance  or practical in-vehicle coaching

Any driver rated as high exposure to risk is automatically flagged up by the system and FleetRiskManager can generate many different reports, simply by clicking on an on-screen colour pie chart graphic linked to data on the above topics.

FleetRiskManager can also contain specific health and safety modules within the e-learning section. Although several are under development, only one will be completed by the time the show starts - guidance on the safe use of office work stations. This health and safety module can also be implemented as a stand-alone solution.

Potential customers wishing to find out more about AA DriveTech’s FleetRiskManager product should contact Marketing Director David Richards on 01256 495746 or email