AA DriveTech to sponsor

National Road Safety Conference

13 March 2012

AA DriveTech

AA DriveTech, the post-test driver training arm of the AA, has been unveiled as the fourth major corporation to become a sponsor of the 2012 National Road Safety Conference, organised by Road Safety GB.

The 2012 conference is being organised by Road Safety GB London Region, and will be held at the Britannia International Hotel, Canary Wharf, London 14-15 November.

AA DriveTech joins Colas, ALCOLOCK UK and RedSpeed International as sponsors of the 2012 conference.

AA DriveTech, the UK's leading provider of driver training, assessment and driver awareness schemes has three key divisions – DriverAware, FleetSafe and Commercial and Passenger Goods.

The DriverAware Division delivers driver awareness schemes for motorists who have either been involved in a road traffic collision or committed a range of offences including exceeding the speed limit, using a mobile phone, jumping a level crossing or red light, or not wearing a seat belt. DriverAware also runs national RIDE (Rider Intervention and Developing Experience) Schemes for motorcyclists who have been involved in a crash or committed an offence, and the London Cycle Safe Scheme for cyclists who have committed an offence.

The FleetSafe Division works to reduce occupational road risk, business costs and risks to drivers by significantly improving driver ABC - Attitude, Behaviour and Competence. FleetSafe’s approach is called ‘the journey’, a unified framework that manages all aspects of occupational road risk - company, fleet, vehicle and driver.
The Commercial and Passenger Vehicles Division is focused on fleet risk solutions for bus, coach and truck drivers including Driver CPC periodic training. This requires all commercial and passenger vehicle drivers to complete 35 hours of JAUPT-approved training over a five-year period.
Christine Fitzgerald, Road Safety GB London and chair of the conference committee, said: “We’re delighted to have AA DriveTech as new partners for our national conference. There is much synergy between their objectives and those of Road Safety GB – we are very natural partners.
“It is important to remember that we are using the sponsorship funding to subsidise the cost of attending for Road Safety GB members. This is a key reason why more than 70 delegates have already registered. We are very confident that once again the final number of attendees will top 200.
“Put simply, the support of our commercial partners makes the National Road Safety Conference affordable for many local authority road safety and active travel professionals who would otherwise not be able to attend – and we are very grateful to AA DriveTech for their important contribution.”
David Richards, marketing director AA DriveTech, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Road Safety GB and supporting the National Road Safety Conference.

“As a business, our vision is ‘Working together to eliminate road death and serious injury’ which naturally aligns with Road Safety GB.

“We are in the business of educating drivers to make better and more informed driving decisions and therefore lower the risk for all road users.

“As such we are naturally keen to support road safety officers in their vital work to make all road users safer.”