Fighting back against...

the fuel price rise

17 February 2012

AA DriveTech

According to the AA the average price of diesel in the UK has overtaken the record set in May last year, hitting 143.05p a litre. Two years ago, diesel in the UK averaged 113.62p a litre.

For a commercial van with an 80-litre fuel tank, the cost of filling up has risen from £90.90 in February 2010 to £114.44 now.

Similarly two years ago the average price of petrol was 112.03p a litre but the latest average is 135.39p, an increase of nearly 21 per cent.

This course is equally applicable to car and van drivers, and there is no call for a dramatic change in driver behaviour. The techniques suggested can be easily accommodated in a typical working day without compromising journey times.

AA DriveTech's MD Jim Kirkwood

But the AA’s commercial driver training and development division, AA DriveTech, can offer some respite to these ever escalating costs. Launched last year, the ‘Fuel Save 15’ course provides the complete spectrum of fuel saving techniques. The product name suggests the percentage of savings that should be achievable if all are applied correctly and the vehicle is in optimum condition.

The half day, mainly practical course can be delivered throughout the UK from customer’s premises, using the vehicle that the driver usually drives for work purposes to facilitate the learning process. 

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