AA DriveTech’s ‘journey’ concept

facilitates cost savings and regulatory compliance for fleets

5 March 2012

AA DriveTech

Running a vehicle fleet can be one the largest costs that employers have to bear, not just in terms of procurement and everyday running costs but also because of expenditure incurred as a result of collisions. It is estimated that people ‘driving for work’ are involved in a third of all on-road incidents in the UK every year.

AA DriveTech, the post-test driver training arm of the AA, provides arguably the most comprehensive range of services to improve business driver behaviour, as well as an online management tool, FleetRiskManager, that allows fleet managers access to detailed information about every aspect of their vehicles and drivers.

With many decades of experience behind it, AA DriveTech knows only too well that no one solution will be right for every organisation, so it has devised what it calls ‘The Journey’, which enables customers to take a variety of actions to reduce driver risk - not necessarily in a pre-defined order - that can be tailored to their individual circumstances.

The Journey often starts with an Audit, which takes an in-depth look at policies and procedures currently in place within the organisation. It encompasses all legal, financial and organisational issues relating to the operation of the vehicle fleet. The resulting report will highlight areas of risk exposure, both for the organisation and its driving employees.

The next step in The Journey is often to address that most vital of issues – are your driving employees legally entitled to drive while at work? This Validation can only be done by implementing an authorised DVLA licence check, a process which is quick, easy and efficient the AA DriveTech way.

Another key stage in the process is to Assess drivers for risk exposure, not only because it is a legal requirement but also because it helps highlight areas of the greatest concern, so that remedial interventions can be prioritised. AA DriveTech can provide a highly effective online driver assessment tool or in-vehicle assessment with experienced, highly qualified professional assessors.  Either way, AA DriveTech can be sure its recommendations are accurate and appropriate, ensuring maximum use of resources.

Having assessed and identified need, Training interventions that address specific and identified risk areas are recommended. AA DriveTech has a huge range of practical courses that can be delivered either in-vehicle/on-road, via group workshops or through the medium of online e-learning modules containing the very latest interactive graphics and audio visual techniques.  There are training courses for drivers of cars, vans, minibuses, trucks and coaches, as well as specialist courses accredited for the delivery of the Driver CPC qualification for LGV and PCV drivers.

But none of this activity can really be justified unless one can Manage and monitor the whole process to ensure effective results. This is where AA DriveTech’s FleetRiskManager product comes into its own. This new online portal enables the fleet manager have detailed information about driver and vehicle status available at the click of a mouse button. Everything from copies of vehicle and insurance documentation to incident information and training history is contained within one, user-friendly interface.

The virtuous circle of Audit-Validate-Assess-Train-Manage that supports The Journey really does unlock the potential for significant cost savings and compliance with both legislative requirements and duty of care. Many hundreds of AA DriveTech’s customers can testify to its efficacy over the years but the recent introduction of FleetRiskManager adds a significant new dimension to the offering.

AA DriveTech welcomes visitors to its stand [A13] at the IOSH Conference and Exhibition at Manchester Central on March 6th and 7th, where it will be providing up to date information on its range of driver risk management products.

Further information about FleetRiskManager from AA DriveTech can be obtained at www.fleetriskmanager.co.uk.