Drink drive rehab courses

AA DriveTech announced as leading provider of drink driving rehabilitation courses

AA DriveTech, through their partner London Probation Trust, has been announced as a leading national provider of drink driving rehabilitation courses.

Courts will be able to offer convicted drink drivers the Steer Clear Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course, delivered in partnership between AA DriveTech and London Probation Trust, from Monday, June 24th.

Successful attendance will result in driving bans being reduced by up to 25 per cent.

In order to complete a course successfully, drivers need to attend the full 16-hours of sessions, pay the course fee in advance and follow the trainer’s instructions. Courses will be run seven days a week, with daytime and evening sessions available. Typically the 16 hours are split over three to four sessions.

The only way to ensure you are under the drink drive limit is to adopt a zero tolerance approach and not drink anything alcoholic if you are driving.

Andy Wheeler, AA DriveTech Director

The course gives drivers all the information they need to prevent re-offending.

The courses cover how to calculate units and how long it takes for the alcohol to pass through our bodies. They also look at how alcohol affects driving ability and helps participants develop strategies to avoid re-offending.

AA DriveTech, and partner London Probation Trust, will be offering courses to all court areas in England, Wales and Scotland. AA DriveTech already runs nearly 40 Driver Aware courses across the country for various traffic offences such as speeding and mobile phone use.

Andy Wheeler, AA DriveTech director, said; “Our vision is for zero road deaths in the UK, but that will never be achieved if people continue to drink drive.

“Educating drivers who have committed a driving offence is the best way to prevent reoffending.

“We have a strong history in running driver awareness programmes and we are very proud we will now be tackling drink drivers through these courses.”

Sharon Kirk, Steer Clear project manager London Probation Trust, said: “Steer Clear teaches participants to make more informed choices and avoid further risk taking behaviour.

“The Steer Clear message is very simple; do not mix drink and driving." 

New figures from AA/Populus research*show just how necessary these courses are as drivers reveal the extent of their poor attitudes towards drink driving.

Nearly 2.5million UK drivers are falling into the dangerous trap of thinking driving after ‘just a few’ alcoholic drinks is ok.

But even just a couple of drinks will put most people well over the drink driving limit and significantly hamper their ability to drive safely**.

The AA/Populus research also revealed that the equivalent of 700,000 drivers (2%) admit they sometimes drive when they are over the limit; with men (3%) more likely than women (1%) to admit this.

Age plays a factor too in poor attitudes towards drink driving with one in twenty (5%) of over-65s agreeing that better drivers are less affected by alcohol – the highest of any age group.

Regionally, drivers in Northern Ireland and Wales are most likely (4%) to think they can handle the effects of a few alcoholic drinks better than most.

And drivers in Wales were most likely (11%) to say that where they live it is quite normal to have a few alcoholic drinks and then drive home.

Although it was London drivers who were most likely to admit occasional drink driving (4%), with drivers in Scotland, North East, North West and Wales least likely (1%).

Andy Wheeler, director of AA DriveTech, said: “Thinking that ‘just a few’ drinks before driving is ok is dangerous as this could put the driver over the legal limit and stop them being able to drive safely.

 “Apart from risking their own safety and the safety of others, they are running the risk of driving bans, hefty fines and possibly a spell in prison."

24 June 2013