AA DriveTech reaction...

to BRAKE at-work drivers survey

4 January 2013

AA DriveTech, the UK’s leading supplier of post-test driver training, has given the following reaction to a survey about at-work drivers using their phones behind the wheel.

Jim Kirkwood, managing director of AA DriveTech, said: “It is vital that all drivers, including those who drive for work, are aware that using a phone, speeding or becoming distracted while behind the wheel significantly increases their risk of being involved in a crash.
“Companies that employ people that drive at work need to ensure they have driver policies as well as assessment and training programmes in place to ensure all their drivers are carrying out their activities in the safest way possible. And corporate drivers need to ensure they keep their driving knowledge up-to-date and do not become complacent about the risks involved just because they are on the road a lot.
“Our own research* shows that some drivers are now using their Smart phones for more than talking on the move. It is really not smart to talk, text or tweet on the move.”

*A small majority (58%) say they have never used a hand-held phone in the car but of the 42% that have used a phone 60% say it distracted them from driving, according to a recent AA/Populus poll of 20,936 drivers.
The AA finds this worrying as it implies almost 40% think using a hand-held mobile is not distracting.
Three quarters of drivers (74%) see others using mobile phones on some or most journeys with one quarter (25%) seeing it on every journey.
Some 20% admit to having used a mobile phone to send a text and even 4% admit to checking emails and 2% to sending emails on the move.
2% have read Twitter or Facebook updates on the move and 1% have even tweeted on the move