AA DriveTech supports designated drivers

For the third successive year, AA DriveTech backs initiative to reduce drink driving over the festive period.

AA DriveTech, the post-test driver training arm of the AA, has put its name to the Coca Cola Designated Driver campaign which is supported and promoted by the Department for Transport.

“As a provider of drink drive rehabilitation courses, we have first-hand experience of the consequences of drinking and driving. Over the festive season there can be even more occasions when the temptation to drink and drive is there. Coca-Cola’s campaign to help support those who make the responsible decision to remain alcohol free as the designated driver is to be welcomed. As well as keeping many drivers safe when they are out in the participating pubs and clubs this Christmas, I hope the campaign’s message that if you are driving you should not be drinking any alcohol at all, will resonate with a wider audience and help keep our roads safe.” Jim Kirkwood, Managing Director.

View all quotes at http://www.coca-cola.co.uk/designated-driver/coca-cola-designated-driver-scheme.html

People volunteering to take on the designated driver role will be entitled  ‘buy one, get one free’ on soft drinks at participating pubs, details can be found at http://www.coca-cola.co.uk/designated-driver/coca-cola-designated-driver-faqs.html

04 December 2013