Insurance News

13 July 2011Looking for the open road? You can find it in Europe

Driving on the long, well-maintained roads in Europe is enjoyable. But before you go it's wise to ensure you're legal, and in the unlikely event of a problem know you can get it sorted out.

13 June 2011Do you send a txt instead of a postcard?

Recent research by AA Travel Insurance suggests the nation is losing the art of penning a postcard. Almost a half of the respondents now send a text back home.

13 June 2011Drivers are driving less – and combining trips

Drivers are feeling the pinch of the £80 fill-up, and as a result they are economising according to a study of fuel transactions on the AA's Credit Card.

9 May 2011Happy holiday home away

Owning a second home can bring immense pleasure – but also the chance of a few headaches. So here's the AA Insurance guide to looking after your holiday dream bolt-hole.

9 May 2011Planning your summer holiday

According to research some 28% may 'try something new' this year, but regardless of how you arrange your holiday, travel insurance really is vital.

14 April 2011Who's the big cat at Number 10?

We seem to be a pet-crazy nation – Larry, the new Downing Street cat, has prompted more media interest and speculation than many current political issues.

14 April 2011Gender Directive affects car insurance

Following a ruling in March by the Court of Justice of the European Communities, from December 2012 insurance companies cannot take gender into account when they calculate car insurance premiums.

10 March 2011Sun, sea and a holiday romance

Recent research by AA Travel Insurance suggests that nearly a quarter of travellers have, at some time, enjoyed a romantic encounter on a holiday abroad .

3 February 2011Curbs to stop insurance crime welcomed

New steps announced by the government to reduce car insurance fraud have been welcomed by
AA Insurance.

6 January 2011Should you fit winter tyres?

The icy spell before Christmas led to a big spike in car insurance claims, as people struggled through the snow to get to work or away to relatives.

6 January 2011Are you prepared for your winter sports holiday?

9 December 2010Writing a will is now easier

9 December 2010Frost thieves are after cars

9 December 2010The perfect pet present

7 October 2010The heat is on – winter is on its way

7 October 2010Have you hit someone else's parked car?

7 October 2010Will flood defences keep homeowners dry?

8 September 2010Time for the school run

8 September 2010Got a few days off? Drive to Europe tomorrow

29 July 2010Electronic insurance certificates are alright

1 July 2010Holiday driving on the Continent

1 July 2010Lock up your doors

1 July 2010Moggie monikers and hound handles

3 June 2010Beware the cat thief!

3 June 2010Invasion of the loft snatchers

5 March 2010Caring for your caravan

3 March 2010Hopes for new cars signal recovery

20 February 2010Potholes lead to compensation claims

7 January 2010Women bikers on the rise

24 December 2009Electronic car insurance certificates

3 December 2009Ski holiday safety advice

30 November 2009Car crime rising

1 October 2009From summer storms to winter storms

30 September 2009Deer collision claims

3 September 2009Personal injury and legal claims take their toll

15 August 2009Is your car overloaded?

31 July 2009Holiday collapses prompt AA Travel Insurance cover

17 July 2009Parked cars take a hit

25 June 2009Home DIY disasters

18 June 2009Time to invest abroad

1 June 2009Enough European car insurance?

28 May 2009Cameron's bike theft marks crime rise

17 May 2009Cooking up a culinary catastrophe?

6 May 2009Car insurance renewal is crucial

22 April 2009A pet's for life

15 April 2009Born-again motorbikers

2 April 2009Pothole claims increase

4 March 2009Caravan essentials

19 February 2009The ice claims cometh

5 February 2009Renewing your insurance

11 February 2009Personal injury toll

20 January 2009Unusual insurance claims

2 January 2009Keeping pets fit

30 December 2008Avoiding whiplash

6 December 2008Life insurance guide

3 December 2008Sleigh bells or alarm bells

20 November 2008Good gifts for cats or dogs

6 November 2008Preparing your home for winter

29 October 2008Cat burglars and diesel thieves

15 October 2008Car sharing may cut driving costs

1 September 2008Travel on two wheels

1 September 2008What's yours called?

7 August 2008Insuring younger drivers

11 July 2008Buying the right travel insurance

11 July 2008More drivers caught using mobile phones

11 July 2008Keep an eye on your car keys

8 June 2008Holidaymakers to hit the road this summer

8 June 2008Caravan of love

1 June 2008Britons get on their bikes