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The key to a warmer home

When your radiators aren't heating up properly, it's time to 'bleed' them of trapped air. Otherwise, when sub-zero temperatures return, you'll find your home too cold for comfort.

As our video shows, using your radiator key is pretty straightforward:

Insulation for your condensate pipe

Insulate your condensate pipe now for winter warmth

The ice from a frozen condensate boiler pipe creates a blockage, then a build-up of condensate water.

To prevent a frozen pipe shutting down your boiler when you need it the most, cover all your exposed pipework and bends with some (approved) waterproof external pipe insulation.

Looking after your condensate boiler

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Test your heating using the pilot control

Get your boiler in great shape for winter

Summer is the best time to test your central heating - this way you can be certain it'll work in winter, and troubleshoot any problems before the temperatures drop.

Once a month, turn on the heating system using the time clock, then turn up the room thermostat. Wait 20 minutes, then turn off the system and reset the clock.

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Check your boiler in summer to prepare for winter

Check your boiler in summer, lower bills in winter

There are two great reasons to get your boiler checked before it's needed in darkest winter:

  • An efficient boiler keeps your fuel bills down
  • A thorough check means peace of mind that your home is being heated safely

Arrange a boiler service

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Carbon monoxide alarm

Test your carbon monoxide (CO) detector

CO detectors are battery-powered and have expiry dates, so they need regular testing.

Simply press down the test button; it's successful if you hear a beep.


Carbon monoxide safety

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Boiler unit

Need to replace your boiler?

The average boiler tends to last about 12 years, so it's important to have one that suits your home and lifestyle.

As an AA customer, you'll have complete peace of mind with our boiler warranty, and exclusive aftercare packages, on a range of ‘A’ rated energy-efficient boilers from market-leading brands.


Exclusive boiler prices and packages

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