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Home Membership

Central heating, boiler and home emergency cover. Now we can help with routine repairs too.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to common queries about Home Membership


Do you have a home emergency or need assistance?

If you have Home Membership call our emergency helpline:
0800 316 3983
Lines are open 24 hours – please have your Home Membership number and your postcode handy. We'll send a tradesman to your home as soon as possible.

For any queries about your Home Membership policy or to amend your cover call:
0800 197 4676

Or if you want to get a quote for Home Membership:
0800 107 1031
Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm

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I have no cover, can you help?

I don't have cover, can you send a tradesman if I have an emergency now?

Yes. If you have an emergency at home right now, call 0800 197 4184 to get help straight away.

We'll tell you how much it will cost to fix the problem and will send a tradesman as soon as possible.

While you're on the phone we can also also arrange cover for future emergencies or routine repairs over the next 12 months.

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Home Membership assistance

How many days do I have to wait before I can get Home Membership assistance?

You can get assistance from the 15th day after the start date of your Home Membership cover. This only applies at the start of your policy and not when you renew your cover.

You're not covered for problems that you knew about when you bought the cover or problems that happen before the 15th day of your cover.

How many times can I call for assistance?

You can call for assistance as many times as you need to, there is no limit on the number of call-outs.

Do you cover parts and labour for emergency repairs?

Unlimited call-out, labour, parts, materials and VAT costs are covered for all Home Membership cover options.

Are there any excesses to pay if I make a claim?

For most customers an excess is optional. You can choose a £50 excess, a £99 excess or no excess at all. If you choose an excess, this is payable for each call-out you make.

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What's covered?

What emergencies and routine repairs are covered?

See at a glance what's covered around the home and what's covered for central heating.

Or there are full cover details in the Home Membership Terms & Conditions Booklet.

Is there anything that isn't covered for flats?

You're not covered for the shared bits of flats or maisonettes with shared facilities, so the following types of claim are not included:

  • Plumbing claims relating to sections of shared pipe
  • Drainage claims where a shared pipe is blocked
  • Claims for keys, locks and glazing in shared communal areas
  • Water supply pipes are not covered for flats or maisonettes

Central Heating Emergency Response and Central Heating Response Plus cover is the same for flats as for a house or any other eligible property.

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Moving house

What happens to my cover if I move house?

You can change the address for your Home Membership as long as we are able to insure your new home. Call us on 0800 107 1031 to let us know about your change of address.

If you move and have central heating cover we'll inspect your central heating system to make sure that we are able to support it and that it is in good working order.

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New boiler installations

Does the AA fit new gas boilers?

Yes, our approved installation partners supply and install 'A' rated energy efficient boilers, and ensure you get the best quality service at a low price.

In addition to the boiler warranty, we back up your entire central heating system for one year following installation. This includes controls, pumps and radiators.

Get the right boiler for your house.

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Tenants and landlords

I am a tenant, can I take out Home Membership?

Yes, you can. Usually a landlord takes care of emergency repairs, but you can get cover if you rent property from a private landlord. You'll be asked to confirm that your landlord is happy for us to carry out work at their property when you make a claim.

We are unable to cover social or housing association tenants.

Please call us on 0800 197 4180 to buy cover for the property you're renting.

I am a landlord. Can I take out Home Membership?

Yes. Home Membership is available for your home and if you have up to two rental properties we can cover those too.

You may give your tenants permission to contact us for assistance. If you give your tenant permission to call us on your behalf you should give them the Home Membership number to quote when they call.

How many properties does a Home Membership cover?

One. Each property requires its own Home Membership.

Does Home Membership include a Gas Safety record?

No. A Gas Safety Record (CP12) should be obtained via an annual check, completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

What are my legal duties in relation to gas safety as a landlord?

As a landlord, you should ensure gas appliances are serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. If these are not available, it is recommended that they are serviced annually, unless advised otherwise, by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Annual safety checks should be carried out on each gas appliance and flue. Before any new lease starts, make sure that these annual checks have been made within one year before the start of the lease.

All installation, maintenance and safety checks must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer, and a record of each safety check kept for at least two years.

Copies of the latest safety check record (CP12) should be given to existing tenants within 28 days of the check being completed, or, to new tenants before they move in.

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Gas boiler and central heating cover

What types of gas boiler do you cover?

Both heating options cover domestic gas boilers of any age as long as essential working parts are readily available.

Cover is not available for:

  • Gas boilers with an output over 70 kw
  • Wood, solid fuel, electric or oil fired boilers
  • Warm air and solar heating systems

How do I find out the output of my boiler?

You should be able to find this in the manual the manufacturer gave you. If you can't find it or haven't got the manual, please contact the manufacturer to check.

Is my boiler covered in the summer?

Yes, you get boiler cover for a full 12 month period without any exceptions.

How many boiler breakdown claims can I make?

Central Heating Emergency Response and Central Heating Response Plus both allow you to make as many claims as you need to for a boiler breakdown, where you have no heating and/or hot water.

What's the difference between Central Heating Emergency Response and Central Heating Response Plus?

Central Heating Emergency Response provides cover for emergency repairs following a sudden and unexpected failure of your central heating or gas boiler which leaves you without hot water, heating or both.

Central Heating Response Plus provides the same emergency cover as Central Heating Response Plus but also gives you cover for routine heating repairs, like a faulty radiator or you boiler not starting at the programmed time. It also includes a boiler inspection and annual service.

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Annual boiler service

How do I arrange a boiler service?

Within 42 days of your cover start we'll carry out an inspection of your boiler and central heating system. Our usual servicing hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, but we may be able to offer weekend and evening appointments during the summer.

Can I move my boiler service to a different date?

Yes, if you give us more than 24 hours notice, you can rearrange the appointment without charge. Please call us on 0800 316 3983.

If you rearrange the appointment within 24 hours of the appointment we may charge an attendance fee.

Will I get a boiler safety certificate?

If your boiler passes the safety inspection we'll give you details of the work completed and any important information about your specific make and model.

What happens if my boiler fails the safety inspection?

If your system fails the inspection you'll need to pay for any work that needs to be done before we can support your system. We'll give you an itemised quote and if you want to go ahead with the work we'll arrange a convenient appointment to complete the work.

You also have the option of getting the problem fixed by your own engineer, but any work should be completed within 14 days of the inspection.

If you decide you would prefer not to get the work done we'll give you a refund for you cover less the cost of the inspection.

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Boiler replacement and aftercare

Thinking of replacing your boiler?

The AA offers big company back-up at affordable prices, with exclusive aftercare packages on a range of ‘A’ rated energy-efficient boilers.

Read more about our boiler replacement and aftercare packages

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