The Prince of Wales's sustainable living initiative

Start is a national initiative by The Prince's Charities Foundation to promote and celebrate sustainable living and to help people across the UK take clear, positive and practical steps towards a better future. The AA is a supporter of Start.

Start, The Prince of Wales's sustainable living initiative In 2009, The Prince of Wales delivered the annual Dimbleby Lecture in which he explained why it is essential and urgent that the peoples of the world adapt their behaviour to mitigate the effects of climate change.

This is a familiar message but, according to Start, much of the advice to date has focused on what we should stop doing or cut down on doing to reduce emissions. In contrast, The Start initiative aims to emphasise the good things that we should be starting – real changes to the way we live that can bring immense rewards to individuals and nations.

Start aims to present an inspiring picture of a sustainable future by highlighting the best examples of sustainable practice in the UK, and showing how we can all make positive changes right now.

Garden party

Among the initiatives planned is "The Garden Party to Make a Difference", being held in the gardens of London's Clarence House, Lancaster House and Marlborough House from 8 – 19 September.

Visitors will enjoy a rare experience in three of London's most historic gardens – seeing them as never before: hosting spectacular installations, concerts, fashion demonstrations, food, debates, music and comedy by many household names, but all sharing the single theme of sustainability.

Confirmed, so far, for the debates in Clarence House Gardens are Alan Titchmarsh, Clive Anderson, David Frost, Antony Worrall Thompson and the UK's Chief scientist, Sir John Beddington. Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy will be joined in the 'Poetry Corner' by Gillian Clarke and John Sampson.

In the Gardens and along The Mall, will be over 2000 square meters of exhibition space, showing an intriguing array of products and displays designed to help create 'greener' lives.

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Obviously motorists have a major role to play in sustainable living. Central to this will be making sure that we get the most from the fuel that we buy, not only helping the environment but also saving ourselves money.

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The vehicle you choose is also important.

Do your bit to help preserve the environment by choosing a car that uses less fuel and produces fewer toxic emissions.

Cars that use less fuel will be cheaper to run. Not only that, they go a long way to reducing the pollutants in the air. But there are other considerations if you want to help reduce emissions.

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28 July 2010