Pre-Budget Report

AA response

9 October 2007

"With drivers today paying a record price for diesel, £5 more to fill up a petrol car compared to a year ago and oil prices hitting new highs this autumn, we are disappointed that the Chancellor didn't commit to review the amount of duty due to be paid by hard-pressed families and business next April and beyond," says Paul Watters, head of AA Public Affairs, responding to today's Pre-Budget Report and Comprehensive Spending Review.

The move to reduce car emissions by 80% in the long term is to be encouraged but through choice and fiscal incentives – not pricing out vehicles that have a proper place in the right environment, such as rural areas.

As it is, CO2 emissions from passenger cars are virtually the same as they were 10 years ago, but with nearly six million more of these vehicles on the road.

Road-user charging at local level will be tough to sell to the public, but with committed new funding for transport alternatives it is possible it may work. There should be no excuse for back-tracking on spending commitments either local or national.

Extending enforcement of VED evasion into local authority car parks is welcomed but clear parameters, such as who can clamp or remove (local authority or DVLA or both), must be set.


9 October 2007