New Parking Rules

Ten Commandments for Local Authorities

28 March 2008

With new parking regulations coming into force on Monday morning, the AA has listed the 10 Commandments that local authorities must obey to ensure fair, proportionate and efficient parking enforcement.

As set out by the Secretary of State for Transport in Guidance to Local Authorities on the Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (Traffic Management Act 2004), issued February 2008.

  1. Thou shalt not use civil parking enforcement to raise revenue
  2. Thou shalt not set targets for fines income or number of tickets issued.
  3. Thou shalt set penalties at the lowest amount needed to ensure compliance and publish levels of fines for offences.
  4. Thou shalt aim to encourage compliance of parking regulations through well-designed, legal and enforced parking controls
  5. Thou shalt consult with residents and businesses on parking policies to ensure that they are applied in the right places at the right times.
  6. Thou shalt accept that flawed traffic regulations are unenforceable and damage public confidence in parking enforcement.
  7. Thou shalt deal with the motoring public promptly, professionally and efficiently.
  8. Thou shalt seek to resolve parking fine disputes at the earliest possible stage for the benefit of both the motorist and local authority.
  9. Thou shalt act fairly and proportionately according to the general principles of law, and recognise that tickets can be cancelled at any stage.
  10. Thou shalt comply with the Secretary of State's statutory guidance on parking enforcement.

And the AA's advice to Drivers

  1. Always park legally and with consideration to other road users, residents and businesses.
  2. Always check the signs and lines – even at weekends and in the evening/night.
  3. Don't take a chance and think you can get away with a few minutes of illegal parking.
  4. Don't vent your anger on parking attendants – they are only doing their job.
  5. Accept that most parking controls are to keep roads safe and make sure limited space is managed fairly.
  6. Write to the authority promptly if you think a ticket is unfair, and consider going to an appeal if the council will not listen.
  7. Never ignore a penalty notice or notice to owner.

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