Grangemouth Strike

AA response/advice

23 April 2008

The UK petroleum industry coped well with major refinery and fuel supply problems last autumn following the fire at Coryton terminal in Essex. Apart from occasional localised shortages around the south east, very few drivers were aware of the extent of the disruption to supply. Consequently there was no major panic-buying of car fuel.

Even with Coryton producing 20 per cent of the UK's petrol and diesel requirement, and the problem aggravated by the continuing loss of Buncefield storage facilities, major disruption to transport in the most populated part of the UK was avoided.

With good management and coordination of fuel supplies, there is no reason to believe that motorists in Scotland and Northern Ireland will suffer significant shortages if the Grangemouth dispute goes long term.

The UK petroleum industry has promised to make good the shortfall from Grangemouth by delivering additional supplies into the area from other locations. The other eight oil refineries in the UK are fully operational and there are no problems with any other aspects of the manufacture or distribution of petroleum products to other parts of the UK.

With the industry's proven ability to manage disruption to fuel supply, the AA urges drivers to keep to their normal refuelling routines and not top-up their tanks unnecessarily. With 30 million cars on the road, if half fill-up when they don't need to an extra 375 million litres of fuel would be required - this would lead to sudden shortages.

Visit UK PIA (UK Petroleum Industry Association) for the latest news on Grangemouth.

AA Public Affairs


23 April 2008