Fuel Price Update

Diesel passes £6-gallon

25 June 2008

Average diesel prices across the UK broke through the £6-gallon barrier yesterday, hitting 132.03 pence per litre. The average price of petrol also hit a record of 118.65 pence per litre.

Compared to this time last year, diesel (97.27) is now 34.76 pence per litre more expensive and petrol (96.93) costs 21.72 pence more.

Diesel broke through the £5-gallon mark on 24 February this year.


(Compared to this time last year)

  • Extra cost of 50-litre refill – petrol £10.86, diesel £17.38
    (petrol £59.33 v £48.47, diesel £66.02 v £48.64)
  • Extra monthly petrol cost for two-car family – £46.55
  • Extra monthly cost of refuelling the average diesel car – £29.61
  • Extra UK daily spend on petrol – £14,414,380

AA comment

Commenting, Edmund King, AA president said: "The £6-gallon would have been an unrealistic nightmare to motorists only one year ago yet today it is a reality. Two thirds of motorists have already cut back on their journeys and many are slowing down to conserve fuel.

"However, many car-dependent motorists such as the disabled, shift workers and rural dwellers have to cut back on household expenditure as the car is a necessity.

"More than half of motorists blame the Government for the high cost of fuel even though global pressures and market speculation have raised costs. The Chancellor does need to look again at levels of duty on fuel as it is taxed as a luxury item at rates higher than Champagne rather than as a necessity."

Make your fuel go further

In February 2008, fifty AA employees took part in an eco-driving experiment. Each drove normally for the first week and then applied our our eco-driving tips to see how much they could save in the second week.

The group saved an average 10% on their weekly fuel bill with the best achieving an incredible 33% saving!

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25 June 2008