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AA concern at EuroRAP 2009 survey results

25 June 2009

Many motorists are unaware of the dangers they face on different types of roads, according to the AA in response to the EuroRAP survey released on 25 June.

AA/Populus research1 shows that drivers are most confident when driving on the very roads that the EuroRAP study and national statistics show to be the least safe - single carriageway A roads.

In the AA/Populus survey 65% said they felt confident driving on A roads whereas fewer (60%) said they felt confident driving on motorways though these are in fact the safest roads.

The EuroRAP analysis found:

  • 60% of A-roads fail to rate as safe
  • 50% of the road deaths studied were concentrated on just 10% of Britain's network length
  • Eight out of 10 highest risk sections are in North England
  • Safer road design is already saving lives

Single-carriageway A-roads are rated Britain's most dangerous and 58% of other A-roads and 25% of motorways fail to rate as safe, according to the latest survey by the Road Safety Foundation, which has tracked and classified the risk-level of roads for the last nine years. The Foundation aims to make progress on eliminating risky roads 'transparent'.

The Road Safety Foundation's annual study now takes account of almost 28,000 miles of the country's motorways and A-roads.

Commenting the AA's Head of Roads Policy, Paul Watters, said "EuroRAP's important work informs Britain's drivers of where the real dangers lie and must lead to action to prevent unnecessary deaths and injuries through road improvements and also by instilling greater driver awareness of the risks they run on different types of road."


1AA/Populus survey carried out between 2 and 8 June received 13,905 responses

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26 June 2009