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14 January 2008 Changes to Civil Parking Enforcement
On 1 April 2008 significant changes take place to civil parking enforcement. This is parking enforcement undertaken by local authorities rather than the police. As parking attendents become known as Civil Enforcement Officers, changes include the introduction of two levels of penalty, whilst Local Authorities will be able to serve penalty notices by post.
11 January 2008 Fuel price update – Diesel price closes on £1.10 a litre
The UK's average price of diesel at the pump has shot up three-quarters of a penny in two days and, from yesterday's receipts, stands at 109.12 pence per litre or £4.96 a gallon.
20 December 2007 Fuel prices stall as driver tolerance begins to snap
Only a significant minority of young drivers could be considered to be unsafe drivers but it isn't always inexperience - deliberate bad driving, aimed at either "impressing" friends or gaining a thrill through risk taking is a serious concern.
05 December 2007 Worried about a younger driver? - 10 tips to help
Only a significant minority of young drivers could be considered to be unsafe drivers but it isn't always inexperience - deliberate bad driving, aimed at either "impressing" friends or gaining a thrill through risk taking is a serious concern.
16 November 2007 November Fuel Price Report
Runaway oil prices, coinciding with a fire at the Coryton refinery, have seen average UK petrol and diesel prices break through the £1-a-litre barrier for the first time in the nation's history, according to the AA's latest mid-monthly Fuel Price Report.
25 October 2007 Active Traffic Management
The AA supports the Active Traffic Management scheme on the M42 as it has gained drivers' support, eased congestion, improved journey reliability and made driving more comfortable.
18 October 2007 Diesel price hits new record
The average price of UK diesel has hit a record high of 99.95 pence per litre and looks set to continue rising, according to the latest mid-month AA Fuel Price Report.
9 October 2007 AA response to today's pre-budget report
With drivers today paying a record price for diesel, £5 more to fill up a petrol car compared to a year ago and oil prices hitting new highs this autumn, we are disappointed that the Chancellor didn't commit to review the amount of duty due to be paid by hard-pressed families and business next April and beyond.
8 October 2007 Older Drivers - making them less of a grey area
Three-quarters of men in their 70s now hold a driving licence, 50 per cent up on 20 years ago, new figures show. And within another 20 years, 90 per cent of men aged over 70 will still be behind the wheel. To help better understand this growing area of British motoring, the AA has produced a 10-point guide and fact sheet for anyone concerned about an ageing driver.
25 September 2007 Motorway roadworks survey 2007
Motorway roadworks in the UK remain the safest and best managed in Europe, according to this year's AA survey of how well major highway repairs are organised in 11 countries across the Continent.
20 September 2007 Fuel duty rise to add to petrol price woe
This month's fuel price report shows that petrol prices are not falling as they normally do at this time of year. A fuel duty rise is set to go ahead on Monday 1 October, the highest rise in fuel duty since March 2000. Combined with the duty rise last December, UK families with two cars will be hit with a tax rise that is nearly twice that of this year's average council tax increase.
30 August 2007 UK drivers don't share Euro enthusiasm for safety gizmos
UK drivers, compared to others in Europe, are among the least switched on to the attraction of sophisticated electronic safety in their cars. Only real-time traffic information fires up their desire, research for the AA shows.
22 August 2007 July fuel price report
If there has been anything unexceptional about this summer, it is the start of the usual late summer petrol price war between supermarkets. Asda has ratcheted up the pressure on the others by dropping its petrol price across the board to 91.9 pence per litre and, as the AA's Fuel Price Report went to print, the others were still at least two pence adrift on their average price.
7 August 2007 Car hire firms leave tourists stranded
A survey of 57 car hire companies across the Mediterranean found that 20 of them failed to provide a breakdown number to call in case of emergencies. And 36 of the firms failed to provide car manuals to explain the basics, such as jacking points, tyre pressures or dashboard warning lights.
20 July 2007 July fuel price report
Fuel prices in mid-July are at a pivotal point: caught between lower wholesale prices and oil prices that are nudging the record high. Since the start of July, petrol and diesel prices in the UK have fallen by a quarter of a penny while crude oil prices have shot up 10 per cent to beyond $78 a barrel. How these high oil prices impact on UK forecourt prices in coming weeks is a source of concern.
11 July 2007 Latest motorway services survey –UK sites improve, but at a price
UK motorway service areas, the worst in Europe three years ago, are showing signs of turning the corner on quality, an AA survey reveals. They offer some of the best motorway shopping facilities in Europe, but it is a lottery as to whether travellers will pay a fair price or be stung.
6 June 2007 Motoring Costs 2007–motorists worse off this summer
Annual running costs for a petrol car in the UK, calculated at the start of the new financial year, went up on average 2.75 pence per mile, AA Motoring Costs 2007 reveal. Compared to the same time last year, it now costs £77 more to keep a typical small family car on the road.
23 May 2007 Road Pricing Trials –plans must not leave public opinion in the dust.
A rushed bidding process for Transport Innovation Funds threatens to leave public opinion in the dust, which could be disastrous for the success of the trials and road pricing as a whole, says the AA.
9 May 2007 Drivers risk falling down the cracks of stagnant road maintenance spending
Potholes, missing road markings, signs hidden in bushes and drains that are blocked even before it rains are the indicators of a nation's inability to do any more than shore up the cracks of an ailing road maintenance programme, says the AA.
30 April 2007 Tunnel tests 2007 – Mersey road tunnel outshines younger euro-rivals
Mersey Queensway Tunnel, by far the oldest of 51 road tunnels inspected across Europe this year, has kept pace with increasingly demanding safety standards in the latest Euro Tunnel Assessment Programme (EuroTAP) survey.
22 March 2007 AA budget response
The doubling of the band G road tax in the next two years breaks the understanding that this tax usually moves with inflation or to signal change, rather than punish. The acceptance of the AA's call for removal of the road tax surcharge on diesel (nearly 40 per cent of cars in the UK) is welcome, and rewards drivers who have invested around £1,000 extra to buy cars that use up to 20 per cent less fuel. However, a £15 increase in road tax for petrol bands C to F is cynical.
20 March 2007 AA budget submission
On the eve of the budget, AA research shows that four out of five UK drivers put making financial ends meet ahead of environmental concerns in their list of motoring priorities. This is despite a range of national and local politicians citing global warming as reason for imposing increased charges and taxes on car owners.
16 March 2007 March 2007 fuel price report
Supermarket reaction to contaminated petrol, that damaged thousands of cars in the South East, may well have softened the financial blow to millions more motorists from rising oil prices and petrol shortages in the United States, the AA's fuel price report for March indicates.
22 February 2007 February 2007 fuel price report
Crude oil prices have risen slightly over the last month from $53 and now trade at around $58 a barrel. This price was last seen in October 2006. Overall, however fuel prices at the pump have fallen this month.
31 January 2007 Richmond parking permit tax is beyond any sense of fairness
A supposed environmental tax that charges a large family hundreds of pounds to park their car on the road, while a neighbour can park the biggest-engined vehicle on a driveway and pay nothing, destroys any sense of fair play, says the AA.
25 January 2007 AA and SMA call for winter maintenance budgets to be ring-fenced
The Salt Manufacturers' Association and the AA are calling for local authorities to ring fence their winter maintenance budgets. The joint plea follows recent announcements by several local authorities that they are intending to cut back on their winter highways maintenance programme in order to channel funds into other areas.
19 January 2007 January 2007 fuel price report
Petrol prices continue to fall below levels last seen in the early summer of 2005, having dropped nearly a penny a litre since the start of the year, the AA's fuel price report for January reveals. Across the UK, a litre of petrol now costs on average 87.5 pence.