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Frequently Asked Questions

AA Streetwatch Week frequently asked questions

If you're one of the AA's 13,000 Streetwatch volunteers and you're having difficulties with the survey form or are unclear about any aspect of the survey, the following FAQs might answer your question.

Can't open the survey form?

To view the pdf file you'll need

Download Adobe® Reader® - this will open a new windowAdobe® Reader®.

Which roads/pavements should I survey?

This is completely up to you – we are not specifying roads to be surveyed by individual Streetwatchers. All we ask is that you survey as wide a range of roads as practicable, local to your home that can be covered on foot in about an hour's walking.

I don't have a printer

The survey form is simply to help you record your observations as you walk. If you can't print it all you need do is note the instructions/definitions in the document and then draw yourself a table like the one below:

  Main Road Minor Road Residential

Sunk/raised patched repairs

Broken/sunken kerb stones

Sunk/raised iron covers


uneven footpath

blocked drain

broken/obscured roadsigns

worn/faded road markings

parked vehicle blocking footpath


dog fouling


I'm on holiday during Streetwatch Week

We hope that the majority of surveys will be undertaken between Saturday 23 October and Sunday 31 October but we're happy to accept results from surveys completed up to Friday 5 November – the last date for submitting survey results using the online form.


1 November 2010