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AA calls up army of volunteers to check state of the nation's roads

13 October 2010

Blocked street drains are just one of the issues AA Streetwatchers will be highlighting

AA Streetwatch Week runs from 23 October 2010

An army of Automobile Association volunteers will take to the streets shortly to check on the condition of roads and pavements where they live.

On 23 October 2010 the AA is embarking on one of its biggest ever survey initiatives. Some 13,000 AA members and customers have volunteered to spend one hour surveying local roads and paths in their area as part of AA Streetwatch week.

With concerns over how the Comprehensive Spending Review (20 October) may hit local authority spending the AA is keen to assess the state of the nation prior to any major cuts.

AA Streetwatchers are being asked to walk a local route for about 60 minutes taking in as broad a range of road types as possible and including some local footways or footpaths. The volunteers will be checking for:

  • Broken kerbs
  • Blocked street drains
  • Obscured road signs
  • Uneven footpaths
  • Roadworks
  • Potholes
  • Sunken utility trenches
  • Worn road markings
  • Sunken inspection covers
  • Litter
  • Dog fouling

AA Streetwatchers will also be asked to highlight their own major neighbourhood concerns. The AA believes that detailed local information will help to get a clearer picture of local problem areas and concerns of members as well as building a national picture.


AA Streetwatch can become the most comprehensive regular survey of its type Andrew Strong, CEO AA Services, said: "AA Streetwatch surveys will give us a unique insight into the 'true state of the nation's' roads. We believe 'AA Streetwatch' can become the most comprehensive regular survey of its type.

"Our members' observations will help us to develop trend data that we can use to influence national and local government to improve the situation for all road users."

Edmund King, AA President, added: "We know from previous feedback on issues such as lack of grit or potholes that AA members are genuinely concerned about the state of local roads. We have heard from 13,000 members who are willing to take to the streets to assess things prior to the Comprehensive Spending Review kicking in. Any AA members who want to raise concerns about their neighbourhood can join the Streetwatch Club on the AA Zone."

Want to join the AA Streetwatchers?

If you're not already one of our Streetwatch volunteers but would still like to join in and carry out a survey for us in your local area then it's not too late. Simply follow the instructions below:

Streetwatch surveys are to be carried out between Saturday 23 October and Sunday 31 October.

1. Download and print the survey form – this gives details of what we want you to look for and the types of road/footpath we want you survey. The form also includes a simple check list to help record your observations – though this is easily reproduced with pen and paper if you don't have access to a printer

2. AA Streetwatch survey results can only be submitted using our online form – this ensures that all data is captured as accurately as possible in a consistent format.

Once you've completed your walking survey come back to this web page to open the online survey data capture form and enter your own results. the online form will close after 5 November.

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21 October 2010

Join the discussion in the AA zone

AA members wanting to comment on the initiative or suggest future survey topics can join the Streetwatch Club on the AA Zone.


13 October 2010