Theory and hazard perception tests

What to expect

Developing hazard

First part: the multiple-choice test

The theory test is one test, split into two parts: a multiple-choice test, and a hazard perception test. You'll need to take them together and pass both parts at the same time.

To pass the first test you must correctly answer 43 or more questions out of 50 within 57 minutes.

Second part: the hazard perception test

This 20-minute test is to ensure that you are able to scan the road, and recognise potentially dangerous driving situations. It contains a series of 14 one-minute video clips showing potential road hazards.

You have to identify 15 developing hazards (one clip has two hazards). The faster you identify them, the higher you score - each hazard has a maximum of 5 points.

To pass, you need to score at least 44 out of 75. You can't repeat any of the clips – the idea is that on the road you don't get a second chance with hazards.

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Fees and cancellations

The fee for the test is £23. To cancel you must give three clear working days' notice or you'll lose your fee.

Be prepared

For both sections of the test you'll need to study The Highway Code. You can also order our learn to drive books and CDs, or practise on our iPhone apps.

Test tips

  • don't take it before you're ready – ask your instructor for advice on when you should apply
  • don't just rely on your lessons; study the Highway Code
  • leave time at the end of the theory test to check your answers in case you've hit the wrong choice by accident
  • bring the right documentation on the day (it's a common reason for failing!)

What happens if you pass

You'll get your pass certificate, which lasts two years. This means you have a two-year period in which to take and pass your practical test. If you don't do it within this period you'll have to take the theory and hazard tests again.

...and if you fail

Study some more, then take the test again. Another common reason for failing is forgetting the rules of the road.

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