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Our hints to help you pass your driving tests

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Some people find it easy to remember facts and figures, while others are more practical by nature. Here are some hints to help you pass, whatever your approach.

1. Boost your memory

Use mental associations by making lists and creating visual associations. For example for every road rule attach a visual picture to it, eg a mental 'snapshot' of a scene where the rule has been applied. And for every traffic sign imagine yourself taking the right action.

2. Repetition is key

On test day you'll really appreciate all the work you put in going over theory information, and practising manoeuvres on the road again and again.

3. Study with a friend

Studies show that people learn faster with a partner, so team up with a friend and test each other with questions and tricky scenarios.

4. Observe other people driving

Not for tips (as people with licences may have a few bad driving habits), but to test yourself on real-life scenarios so you can think about what you would have done if you'd been in the driving seat.

5. Use relaxation techniques

Everyone worries that their minds will go blank in a test, so if you start to panic, focus on your breathing (most of us forget to breathe when we're nervous or scared). Take three slow deep breaths – this will calm the body, lower adrenaline levels and relax any tense muscles.

6. Don't pile on the pressure

Keep the tests in perspective. It's not the end of the world if you do something wrong or even fail. You can take them again.

7. Deal with stress

Don't let stress drive you. If you feel panic creeping over you, slow down. Take a deep breath, tell yourself you can do it and simply focus on the road ahead.

8. Get a good night's sleep before your tests

Being tired can badly affect your memory recall and driving.

9. Listen hard

Focus on what the examiner says, and don't be afraid to ask them to repeat an instruction if you're unsure of what they mean.

10. Always think positively

How we think directly affects our behaviour, so picture yourself driving smoothly and confidently.


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