The AA Centenary

Celebrating 100 years of the AA

a vintage AA breakdown patrol motorcycle It was 29 June 1905 when a group of determined motorists gathered at the Trocadero restaurant in London to form the AA. Their concerns were very similar to those of today's motorists: the spread of speed traps.

To celebrate our involvement in the last 100 years of British motoring, and to look forward to the next century of championing UK motorists, the AA is looking at its own past innovations as well as the changes that have made history since the company was formed.

Trains, planes...

In 1905, rail travel was at its height. There were nearly 19,000 miles of track and in 1919 around 2 billion passenger journeys were made. Today, those figures have halved. In contrast, the Wright brothers' first powered flight only took place in 1903, and airplanes now carry 189 million people through the UK's skies each year.

...and automobiles

Like flight, motoring was in its infancy in 1905 but it grew up quickly, with the AA and its army of patrols helping motorists every step of the way. From 16,000 cars in Britain when we formed, there are now more than 25 million drivers and 15 million proud members of the AA.

The AA has come a long way in the past 100 years and we still promote the core values that motorists have trusted since the start. Our members have made us the largest motoring organisation in the UK and we serve you with more dedicated patrols than anyone else. To track the achievements and major milestones that drove us forward, read more about our history.

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