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We test our web pages on the Windows operating system with the following browsers.

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Browsers and operating systems

We test our work predominantly using the Windows 7 operating system. And we optimise for the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 7 and later)
  • Chrome

If you're having trouble viewing our website, please contact us and let us know what operating system and browser you're using. We'll do our best to fix the problem. Letting us know the version of the browser you're using will also help us to identify problems.

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Downloading current browsers

Use the links below to download the latest version of the most popular browsers.

Internet Explorer:
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Some of our pages include content that relies on additional technologies, known as browser plug-ins. To learn more about these plug-ins or to download them to your computer click the links below:

Adobe Reader®
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Adobe Reader® allows you to download and view PDF documents for easy printing. If you haven't got it already, you should find a link to download Adobe Reader below each PDF file on our site.

Adobe Flash Player
(link opens in a new window)

The Flash Player plug-in allows you to view Flash animations in your web browser.

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Javascript is a plug-in that creates richer browsing experiences and is supported by most modern browsers and devices. In order to get the best from our site, make sure javascript is enabled.

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