AA Roadwatch

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24-hour traffic information

Call us on 84322: 'theAA' on your mobile keypad, or 0906 88 84322 from your land line*. Then choose options on your phone keypad for these AA Roadwatch services.

Live traffic and incident news

For motorway information, call the number above and then choose 1 on your phone keypad, then the number of the motorway. For major A-roads, call the number above and then choose 2 on your phone keypad, then the number of the road.

Text alerts for your regular journeys

To set up text alerts for motorways and major A-roads that you use regularly, choose option 3 on your keypad. Speak to one of our advisers to arrange to receive text messages when there are traffic problems for the times and roads of your journey. There's no subscription charge for this service. Each text message costs just 25p, and you can call us any time to change your preferences or cancel the service.

Tell us about traffic problems you see

Choose option 4 on your keypad to record your own eyewitness account. Our traffic team will check your information before adding it to our traffic news.

Regional weather forecasts

Choose 5 on your keypad for up-to-date news on weather conditions that may affect your journey.

View the current traffic news from AA Roadwatch.

New! Closest car parks direct to your phone

Get car park info sent directly to your mobile phone. Just text the word 'park' followed by your location to 84322, eg:

  • town name eg. park bristol
  • postcode eg. park rg214ea
  • place eg. park wembley

You'll receive a text back with information on up to three car parks closest to your given location. Texts cost 25p to receive plus your standard rate to send.

Only use a mobile phone where it is safe and legal to do so. Make sure you park safely before using this service from a mobile. However, we recommend that you call 84322 (0906 88 84322 from a land  line) before you travel.

* Calls cost up to 65p per minute at all times. Mobile rates vary.