Terms and Conditions

1. In this Agreement "Picture" shall mean any photograph, transparency, design, artwork or any other material supplied to the Client by the AA.

2. All Pictures supplied to the Client under this Agreement are supplied by way of loan. No property in or copyright to the pictures shall pass to the Client by way of operation of this Agreement.

3. A non-refundable Service Fee in the sum as indicated on the Delivery Note to cover administration and postage costs is payable but the Client to the AA upon each request for pictures. The service fee should be paid to AA simultaneously with the return of the signed copy Delivery Note to the AA.

4. The Delivery Note will list the number of pictures supplied to the Client and these shall be presumed to have been received in good condition unless within two days of receipt the Client notifies AA in writing of any discrepancy or damage.

5. Pictures will normally be sent to the Client by recorded delivery. The cost of any special delivery arrangement requested by the Client shall be paid for by the Client.

6. The safety of all Pictures supplied to the Client by AA are the Client's responsibility from the time they are received by him until they have been returned to the possession of AA.

7. In the event that the Client wishes to reproduce one or more of the Pictures supplied by AA, the Client shall inform AA in writing, specifying the Pictures required for reproduction, and the Client shall pay to AA a Reproduction Fee of ….. in regard to each Picture so specified.

8. In regard to those Pictures for which a Reproduction Fee has been paid, the Client may retain possession while the reproductionprocesses are performed. The Client will, however, ensure that such reproduction procedures are completed as quickly as possible and that upon their completion the Pictures are immediately returned to AA.

9. In regard to all Pictures supplied to the Client by AA for which no reproduction Fee has been paid, in the absence of AA's specific agreement to the contrary the Client shall ensure that all such Pictures are returned to AA within [4/5] weeks of the Despatch Date.

10. The Client's right to reproduce a Picture arises only when the full Reproduction Fee as set out in this Agreement has been paid to AA. Any reproduction by the Client of any Pictures prior to AA's receipt of the full Reproduction Fee shall constitute an infringement of AA's rights and a breach of this Agreement.

11. All reproduction rights are personal to the client and may not be assigned or transferred to any other party. No Picture supplied to the client may be loaned or transferred to any third party save for the purpose of the exercise by the Client of such reproductionrights as may be obtained under the terms of this Agreement.

12. Reproduction rights are not granted exclusively to the Client.

13. The Client shall ensure that in the event of publication of any Picture supplied by the AA, a copyright notice shall appear in terms agreed with AA to indicate AA's copyright to the Picture.

14. The Client shall ensure that all Pictures are returned to AA by hand or by recorded delivery and that all necessary protection is given to the Pictures in transit.

15. The Client shall be liable to pay compensation to AA in respect of each Picture which is lost by the Client or which is in a damaged condition upon receipt by AA. Such compensation shall be 300 for each picture lost or damaged, with the exception that such compensation shall be 100 for each monotone print for which the negative is unavailable and 20 for each monotone print for which the negative is available. The Client expressly acknowledges that payment of compensation gives the Client no rights in or to any Picture.

16. In the event that the lost Picture is subsequently found the Client must ensure that it is immediately returned to the AA. Repayment of all or part of the compensation payment to the Client shall be totally at AA's discretion.

17. While AA warrants that it will take all reasonable care in the performance of this Agreement, AA shall not be liable for any loss or damage.

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