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6 great craft ideas for your old maps

Give your old AA atlas a new lease of life

The brand new 2018 AA atlas range is out now. Rather than bin your old one, try these great craft ideas.

Items made from an old AA atlas

1. Make unique envelopes

Envelope made from old atlas

How to make a mapped envelope

You'll need:
- scissors
- ruler
- glue

1. Rip out a page of your old atlas and cut the mapping into a square. To get an idea of the size of the envelope required, place your letter onto the map. The square should be roughly double the size of the letter.
2. Turn the map sideways so it is a diamond shape. Take the points of the left and right of the diamond and fold them inwards, with the two points meeting in the middle. Use a ruler to fold the sides for a cleaner edge.
3. Fold the bottom point into the centre, and secure along the edges with glue.
4. Fold the top point down past the centre point with a couple of centimetres overlap. Again, use a ruler to create your edge and the envelope is complete.
Feeling really creative: You could even use the section of mapping the letter is being sent to and circle the destination for the postman!

2. Decorate a notebook

Notebook cover made from old atlas

How to decorate a book

You'll need:
- notebook
- glue

1. Cut out a piece of mapping from the atlas that is approximately 5 centimetres bigger than your notebook.
2. Place the notebook in the centre of the mapping and cut out a slit in the map where notebook binding is.
3. Now fold the mapping inwards and glue the map to the notebook.

Feeling really creative? Use a piece of mapping that is entirely blue seas for the front cover. You can then cut out letters using the land mapping to stick over the sea, creating a title for your notebook.

3. Celebrate with atlas bunting

 Bunting made from an atlas
How to make atlas bunting

You'll need:
- jute string
- glue

1. Select 8 pages out of your atlas and fold each in half.
2. Find the middle of the open side & cut upwards on a diagonal to the top of the paper.
3. Repeat on the other side, you now have a triangle, complete for all of you map sections.
4. Take your string and lay out leaving a metre each end.
5. Open your triangles up and fold over your string leaving an even gap between.
6. Glue around the edges of your triangles to secure in place.

Finally, hang it up and enjoy your bunting!

4. Take your atlas on new travels as a luggage tag

Luggage tag made from old atlas

How to make a luggage tag

You'll need:
- card
- string
- holepunch

1. From the left corner of your card cut upwards diagonally till you have a point.
2. Repeat the other side so you have half a triangle formed, then cut straight down parallel with the other edge.
3. You now have your tag shape, choose your atlas page and glue one side of your tag to your map and cut around the card.
4. Repeat for the other side of the card.
5. Hole punch the corner, pop your string through and tie.

Write your details, attach to your suitcase and enjoy your holidays!

5. Personalise your holiday pictures

Picture frame made from old atlas

How to make an atlas photo frame

You'll need:
- old photo frame
- glue

1. Choose your pages from your atlas, be sure to get a mixture of land and sea.
2. Take the back and glass of your frame out, lay face down and trace around.
3. Using a scalpel cut out the traced shape.
4. Repeat tracing the shape of the inner and outer frame, again cutting out the traced shapes.
5. Glue your cut-out sections onto the front, inner and outer frame.

Display a picture of your choice from your travels!

6. Map-covered gift boxes

Gift box coverings made from old atlas

How to make map-covered gift boxes

You'll need:
- old gift box or shoebox
- scissors
- tape
- glue

1. Take the lid of the box first, making sure the paper is big enough to cover it.
2. Position the lid in the centre of the paper, and fold in a side of the paper, securing it to the inside of the lid. Repeat with the opposite side.
3. Take one of the uncovered ends and tuck the paper from both sides towards the middle of the side.
4. You should be left with a flap at the top and bottom. Fold one down and secure it with glue, then fold the other flap over the top and secure.
5. Repeat with the remaining uncovered end, making sure all folds are neat and tidy.
6. Follow the steps again with the box, adding any ribbons or bows as a finishing touch.

These look great for any special presents you wish to give, or as a neat storage solution for all your household bits and bobs.



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