The AA logo is one of the most recognised logos in the UK. Modern style requirements have updated it, but it remains unique.

The AA logo for online activity has been adapted for its new role. It recognises the new medium but capitalises on the brand equity. logo

Logo usage (online)

  • The logo should always appear in the top left-hand corner of any page.
  • When used in isolation there should be an area of clear space surrounding the AA logo equal to half the width of the it. No other elements should intrude this space.
  • The AA logo must not be used as a bullet point or as part of a sentence.
  • Only one AA mark should be used per web page.

What to avoid

X Changing its placement

X Stretching it

X Recolouring the logo

X Repositioning it


Download AA logos

For printwork you'll need an .eps, and for screen (webpage / email / powerpoint show) you'll need the .jpg files which are in RGB format. Contact the team if you need something which isn't shown here.

To download we recommend that you right click (or apple + click) on the link (not the image) and use 'Save Target As' (or 'Save Link As').