Cut the cost of your car insurance...

...and improve your driving while you're at it

It’s a win-win. Become a better driver and save money at the same time.

Insurance premiums can come as a bit of a shock if you’re young, or a newly qualified driver. So give your wallet a helping hand with telematic insurance.

With an AA Drivesafe policy, you’re rewarded for proving that you’re a careful driver. A black box device is installed in your car to measure how the vehicle is being driven.

On average, each AA Drivesafe customer gets back more than £450 on his or her premium, simply through safer driving*.

Try before you buy

Rate your driving with the AA’s free Drivescore telematic app, which tracks factors like speed, braking, and cornering. Positive points are scored by staying within speed limits, anticipating the road ahead, avoiding sharp braking and cornering manoeuvres.

Remember that speeding convictions bump up car insurance premiums, so it really does pay to stick to the speed limit.

Rate your driving

Take our quiz to assess your driving, and see if there’s any room for improvement.

How hot are you on checking the road ahead, and adjusting your driving to match the situation? Take our hazard perception challenge and find out.

Drive confident

There are lots of ways to boost your confidence behind the wheel.

  • Pass Plus lessons help new drivers improve their skills, and could lead to discounts on car insurance premiums
  • Motorway lessons can benefit nervous or new drivers, and increase your confidence
  • Free training may be an option. If you're a qualified driver who'd like refresher driver training to increase your confidence on the road, you could be eligible for free training with one of the AA's qualified driving instructors, courtesy of the AA Charitable Trust
  • Drive Smart – improve your fuel efficiency, and become a safer driver

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* Based on the average premium reduction of all AA Drivesafe policyholders three months after the Drivesafe box installation. Premium reductions are given either as an adjustment to the monthly instalment or a refund, depending on the original payment option selected.

(24 October 2013)