Improve your driving

Rate your road skills and drive more confidently

Whether you're a qualified or inexperienced motorist, we can help to boost your confidence behind the wheel. First, take our quiz to assess your driving, and see if there's any room for improvement.

Then try the hazard perception challenge to find out how hot are you on checking the road ahead, and adjusting your driving to match the situation. All OK? If you need more help, we've further advice below.

Drive Confident with the AA

  • Pass Plus lessons help new drivers improve their skills, and could lead to discounts on car insurance premiums
  • Motorway lessons can benefit nervous or new drivers, and increase your confidence
  • Free training may be an option. If you're a qualified driver who'd like refresher driver training to increase your confidence on the road, you could be eligible for free training with one of the AA's qualified driving instructors, courtesy of the AA Charitable Trust
  • Drive Smart – improve your fuel efficiency, and become a safer driver

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16 October 2014