Cycle into spring

Get on your bike and keep fit this year

Cycling is a great way to get into shape – it suits all ages and is ideal for families.

There are numerous health benefits – you can cycle your way to a healthier heart, and increased strength, balance and flexibility – yet it's easy on the joints.

It’s inexpensive, eco-friendly, and one of the best ways of exploring the British countryside. Allez!

Get cycle savvy

Choose a bike that’s comfortable for you, and suitable for the surface you’ll be riding on. Mountain or hybrid bikes will probably give the casual cyclist an easier ride than road bikes, which are more suited to the serious rider.

Make sure you know the rules of the road before you set off, and stick to cycle paths and tracks where possible. If you plan to cycle on the road, follow our advice on sharing the road safely with vehicles.

Younger or inexperienced cyclists could benefit from the AA’s CycleAble cycling proficiency scheme, which delivers training on road safety and awareness through the Bikeability programme.

Cycle Safety

Choose your route

Keep it varied – there are simply hundreds of great cycle routes to choose from across the UK, so there’s no need to stick to the same tracks every time you head out.

Need some inspiration? Try pedalling your way to a country pub, take a gentle ride along a towpath, or hit a forest trail – search our regional cycling guides for dozens of routes suited to all ages and difficulties.

Stay safe

  • It's recommended that you wear a helmet at all times
  • If you're riding in the dark or in poor visibility, make sure that your bike is fitted with lights, and that you wear high-visibility clothing
  • Check your bike is in good working order before you set off. It's useful to gen up on basic bike maintenance, too, so you know how to fix a flat or patch a tube

Find out more

  • Save 10% on cycling guides and accessories, with the AA Shop
  • Get inspired with CTC, the national cycling charity
  • Cycle your way to work every day, with Cyclescheme

24 October 2013