Children's Traffic Club

Staying safe – the fun way

Helping preschoolers learn vital road safety skills has never been so fun, simple and interactive – thanks to the Children’s Traffic Club.

This proven and effective road safety club teaches your child how to stay safe when out and about – through a fun, multi-sensory learning approach. Interactive stories and games,
sing-alongs, fun sheets and stickers help to reinforce key messages for your child to learn, understand, and put into practice.

Key messages

Children’s Traffic Club members are sent three multimedia packs a year – each exploring one key road safety message at a time.

The main messages are:

  • Traffic can be dangerous – so it’s important to hold hands when out near roads
  • Play safely away from traffic
  • Roads are for traffic – pavements are for pedestrians
  • Always stop at the kerb, then look and listen for traffic before crossing
  • Always look for and use safer, designated crossing places
  • Wear or carry bright things, so you can be seen easily by drivers
  • Always wear a seatbelt in the car

As well as reinforcing and promoting road safety, the club also encourages travel awareness and sustainable transport:

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Using public transport
  • Planning journeys and trips

And talks about health and social messages:

  • Getting out and about in the fresh air
  • Fun and healthy ways to keep fit
  • Learning about where you live
  • Visiting new places
  • Being with family and friends

(22 November 2013)


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