Insurance Groups

How security affects insurance costs

The quality and design of security features have a direct effect on the insurance group allocated to a model and hence the premium you pay.

Security is assessed by the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre (Thatcham), under a scheme called the New Vehicle Security Assessment (NVSA).

The Thatcham NVSA takes account of the effectiveness of alarms, immobilisers, door and ignition locks, as well as parts marking and the security of in-car entertainment systems, and wheels.

Models deemed by insurers to be at higher risk of theft are required to have more effective or more comprehensive security systems.

The results of the NVSA are published as a letter that accompanies better known insurance group numbers 1 to 20.

The categories are:
E – Exceeds security requirements and group rating has been reduced as a result
A – Acceptable, meets security requirements
D – Does not meet security requirements and group rating has been increased as a result
P – Provisional rating where further information is required before a firm rating can be allocated
U – Unacceptable, the level of security is not considered sufficient for the model concerned<