Standards for new car security in the UK

Standards for new car security in the UK are probably higher than any other country in the world.

  • Grey imports – cars built for markets outside the European Union – are a particular problem. Many have no immobiliser or alarm and poor locks.
  • Car thieves know this too. There's evidence that imports are being targeted by thieves who know that locks might be easier to overcome or that the car might be easier to drive away.
  • Enhanced Single Vehicle Approval (ESVA) requirements, introduced from September 2001, should ensure that new imports are at least fitted with an effective immobiliser.
  • Some pan-European models have extra security features fitted at the import centre or dealer, specifically for the UK market. These improvements won't be made to a car supplied through a dealer in mainland Europe.

Consider fitting additional security measures, such as a Thatcham approved immobiliser and alarm.