Security award winners

Cars with the best security features

Cars with the best security features

Cars with the best security features

If you're buying a new car it's important to think about security – resistance to theft – as well as other factors like crash protection, fuel economy and performance. The annual British Insurance Awards recognise the car models that are best in class.

Since 2004 British Insurers have given annual awards to recognise the best in new car security, supported by the Home Office, Department for Transport, AA and others .

The awards are based on the New Vehicle Security Assessments made by Thatcham as part of the Insurance group rating process. Essentially the winner in each vehicle category is the vehicle with the highest combined score for 'theft of' and 'theft from' performance.

Criteria for award candidates

  • Car models considered for the awards must be in current production and on sale in the UK market at the end of April with standard original equipment to UK specification.
  • Passenger cars must have achieved a five star rating for 'theft of' and four or more stars for 'theft from'.
  • There must be double locking on all openings fitted with an interior release and the model must have achieved an insurance group rating 'E' suffix, meaning that the car exceeds the security requirement for the model variant.
  • Cars must have an original equipment, Thatcham approved 'Category 1' alarm/immobiliser combination.

Manufacturers picked as candidates for the Manufacturer Award are those with four or more model ranges where every variant meets the awards selection criteria.
Award winners

(updated 15 October 2012)