River level gauge map

Follow your local river level on Twitter

Follow your local river level gauge on Twitter

Follow your local river level gauge on Twitter

The Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales operates and maintains more than 2,400 river and tide level monitoring gauges at key points on rivers across England and Wales.

Sensors record the water level at 15 minute intervals and provide automatic updates to the Environment Agency who make the data available to other bodies with an interest in flood risk.

If you live near water you'll already be aware of the rapid way water levels can rise and the resulting local flooding and disruption.

Now you can view the data yourself and can even 'follow' your local stations on twitter and receive daily status updates twice a day.

Knowing how local water levels are changing will help you decide if/when you should be taking action.

Select any of the gauge pins on the map to see a graph showing the history of water levels at that point over the last five days together with an indication of the level at that location above which flooding is possible.

Click on the twitter button below the graph on any gauge to follow it and receive daily updates to your Twitter feed.

Other sources of flooding

Rivers are not the only source of flooding.  Surface water run-off can also cause flooding following heavy rainfall and when ground water levels are high.

It's important to check Environment Agency Flood alerts for your area too.

(updated 15 April 2015)