Why Search for Recalls?

Has your car been recalled?

You must have seen the ads in the daily newspapers? Product recalls for everyday goods such as bread, baby food or children's toys. Well cars are no different. Despite rigorous quality-control standards, there are times when car safety comes into question.

New and Used Cars

Approximately 900,000 vehicles are affected by official vehicle safety recalls each year. Of those a small proportion escape the recall and change hands without the required check or rectification work being done - perhaps the owner didn't get the letter, lost it, forgot about it or simply ignored it.

If you own, or are about to buy, a second-hand car, or if you've recently moved house, it is important to check if your vehicle has been the subject of an official safety recall campaign
(see the code of practice for vehicles covered).

If you find a recall notice that matches your vehicle – make/model, date of registration, VIN or engine number – ask the manufacturer what needs to be done. In most cases, it may simply be a case of the manufacturer arranging for the car to have the relevant inspection or component replaced.

What to do if your car has been recalled

  1. Contact the vehicle manufacturer or importer
  2. Check if the inspection/repair has been done
  3. If not, the manufacturer will advise you

Other vehicle types

We only include recalls affecting passenger cars on this site.

To check recalls affecting other vehicle types – light commercials, motorcylces etc. – we recommend checking the official database on the government's Vehicle & Operator Services Agency website.

Recall notices on the VOSA website »