Winter Glare

Bright lights biggest danger to drivers in winter gloom

18 November 2010

AA Autowindscreens can fix your windscreen  anywhere in the UK, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Bright lights, not darkness or blinding weather are the biggest danger to winter drivers, the AA is warning.

Glare from the low sun or headlights causes more injury accidents than poor visibility due to rain, sleet, snow or fog.

Analysis of the government's latest accident figures* shows that impaired vision due to dazzle was a cause of 4,353 reported injury crashes last year.


"With the sun low in the sky by day, and oncoming headlights a constant sight during the longer nights, winter is peak season for dazzle. The result can be injury or death. So it is more important than ever to keep your windscreen clean, inside and out, and look out for any scratches, abrasions or chips that can worsen the effects of glare," says AA AutoWindshields Operations Director Neil Needham.

Some glare is unavoidable due to low sun and the need to travel at fixed times. The AA advises drivers to keep a good quality pair of sunglasses within easy reach and a rubber blade (ice scraper) to clear condensation from side windows.

Drivers who are temporarily dazzled are advised to slow down accordingly.

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18 November 2010

* Reported Road Casualties Great Britain 2009 – Department for Transport, Scottish Government, Welsh Assembly Government