The Leap Year Effect

26 February 2008

The extra day that this year's Leap Year brings us will probably pass most people by without leaving too much of a mark. For the majority of people Friday 29th February will just be another day, however, data from the AA reveals that the extra day could actually have more effect on people than they realise.

On the road

The extra day will see British motorists buying an extra 66 million litres of fuel for the extra 640 million miles that will be driven on the 29th. This will see the tax man gain an extra £83.6 million. Sadly, the day will also see approximately 9 deaths on the roads and 120 people seriously injured on the road. There will also be, on average, 5,500 speeding tickets given to British motorists and 1,600 breath tests taken.

New cars

While over 6,500 happy motorists will become the owners of new vehicles, there will be around 530 unhappy motorists who find their cars stolen, 1,400 upset by a vehicle break in and 22,600 annoyed with a parking ticket.

At the roadside

AA Patrol of the Year Adam Ashmore For the AA, the extra day this year means their patrols expect to rescue 9,000 extra stranded members. Between midnight on 28th February and midnight on 29th February, the UK's leading breakdown organisation will fix an average of 820 punctures and 520 flat batteries. AA patrols will recover around 2,000 vehicles which will see them towing for 34,500 miles. During the extra day the AA expect to help 220 members who have locked their keys in their car and 4 members who have locked their children in.

Adam Ashmore, AA Patrol of the Year, said, "Our patrols are out on the road 24/7 and the extra day in the year will be the same as any other day for us. This year, however, our members will be benefitting from a free day's membership from the AA."

Loans and Insurance

It is not just the AA's patrols who will be busy on 29th February. AA Loans expect to see 168 new customers take out loans while AA Insurance will issue over 1,000 new motor insurance policies and 700 new home insurance policies.

Website traffic

The website will also see a busy day with around 345,000 visitors and over 230,000 routes calculated on the AA Route Planner.


26 February 2008