Do you Know a Hero?

Nominate your local hero

Elle Turner's winning design for the AA's Christmas Ecard With the recent extreme temperatures, plus weeks of snow and ice, there have not been many times in recent history that have thrown so many challenges to people in the UK.

The AA has dedicated professionals working to rescue people on the roads or in the home, but we know that there are many local heroes out there helping in their own way – often going the extra mile for others.

They've kept watch on neighbours or those vulnerable to the cold; or they may have helped a complete stranger because it was the right thing to do.

Tell us your story

Whoever they are and wherever they are, the AA wants to hear about your 'local hero'.

It may be:

  • the local paper boy who, whatever the weather, still delivers papers and checks if the elderly need bread or milk
  • the local shopkeeper who makes sure they open so that local people can get essential supplies
  • the postman who checks that vulnerable people on his or her rounds are ok, or
  • the taxi driver who takes the teenage revellers an extra 5 miles knowing they don't have the fare as he can't see them walk in sub-zero conditions – his only thought – that could be his children.

Your 'local hero' may be one or more individuals or a group of people.

Whoever and wherever, we want you to nominate anyone you think deserves recognition and they could even be in with a chance of winning a luxury break away, fit for a hero.

If you've got someone you'd like us to hear about, then please email us at [email protected] and tell us your story – name your local hero and tell us why you think they're deserving of becoming an AA Local Hero.

Please put 'local hero' in the email subject field and include your own name and a contact telephone number in the body of the email.


22 December 2010