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More soft-top being driven by women aged over 50, says AA Insurance

2 September 2010

When it comes to driving with the roof down, it's fifty-something women who are firmly in the driving seat, according to a new study by AA Insurance.

Research from the broker's one million car insurance customers reveals that while the number of convertible cars on Britain's roads appears to have fallen slightly, the proportion owned by women – and especially those aged over 50 – is going up.

In fact, women are a third more likely to drive 'topless' than men and it is those in their fifties who are most likely to choose a convertible.


Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, says that this open-top trend among fifty-something women could be seen as a natural progression from the school-run 4x4.

"When women no longer need a practical car to taxi kids and kit around, they go in the opposite direction by choosing something that's small, sporty – and much more fun.

"You get a great feeling of freedom on the open road with the wind blowing through your hair, weather permitting of course. But for family women I'm certain that freedom is so much the sweeter when they no longer have to drive the car they need, but rather the car they want."

Sunnier in the south?

Open top motorists are most likely to be found in the south-east, south west and Greater London although since last year, the number of convertibles AA Insurance has quoted for has fallen by around 5% in these regions. But convertible car ownership seems to have held up best in the north-west and Northern Ireland, with little change compared with 2009.

Adds Simon: "It's been a difficult time for family budgets and sales of open-top cars seems to reflect that. If the fine weather continues, we could well see sales of soft-tops go up again with the new '60' registrations. Perhaps we'll be more likely to see a slick silver surfer enjoying an open top car than we are a boy racer!"

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