BBC Panorama - Insurance

AA Response

The Panorama programme broadcast on 11 July implied that the AA 'sells' customer names to law firms without their knowledge.

The AA does not do this – and never has.

We will never give a customer's name to anyone without that customer's express consent. However, if a customer has suffered injury, if appropriate we will ask them if they would like legal support to help them pursue a legitimate claim for their injury. With their permission, we will pass their details on to one of our panel solicitors that have been chosen specially for their expertise in this area.

The AA has frequently called for Government intervention for a ban on the way claims management firms use hard-sell, cold-call marketing techniques to encourage people to make personal injury claims following a crash, even if they haven't suffered an injury.

It is this intrusive marketing and encouragement to commit fraud that is fuelling insurance premiums.


12 July 2011