Fines Abroad

Overseas fine that follow you home

1 October 2009

The AA is concerned that Thursday's introduction of the new system for allowing unpaid court fines to be pursued in 13 EU countries (including the UK) is leading to some confusion over its impact on drivers, both from Britain and abroad – the government should spell out clearly what is involved and the process which will be followed.

We believe that these changes will have minimal effect on drivers, although this could be changed by future EU rules on cross-border enforcement of drivers. Then drivers' records (at home) will be able to be accessed by countries that do not hold their records and this will allow camera detected offences to be pursued across borders.

The AA says that most drivers who offend abroad tend to face on the spot fines rather than a court hearing, however it warns drivers who may have been found guilty in a court in one of the 13 signatory countries that they can no longer avoid paying a fine over 70 euros which the court has imposed.

UK courts will recover these fines from UK drivers convicted and the signatory countries will do the same for their nationals convicted by UK courts.

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2 October 2009