Living with record fuel prices

Millions drive more slowly on motorways to save

24 February 2011

Millions of motorists are driving more slowly on the motorway in a bid to curb soaring fuel costs.

As pump prices soar to new record highs, more than half (59%) of all drivers intend to reduce their speed on motorways to cut their fuel consumption*. The figure rises to 65% among female drivers.

The figures mirror findings in a recent AA/Populus survey** which showed that half (49%) of AA members intend to drive more economically in response to rising fuel costs.

Drivers are now paying over £10 more per tank of diesel than a year ago, and over £8.40 more per tank of petrol***.

25% more fuel

Sticking to the speed limit, especially on motorways is one of the most effective ways to cut fuel costs.

"Cruising at 80mph is illegal and can burn up to 25% more fuel than driving at 70mph" according to AA Drive Smart technical advisor Alan Esam.

"Drive Smart has proven that easing off the gas on the motorway, along with other eco-driving techniques, can slash up to £500 a year from your fuel bills – which means a two-car family can save up to £1,000 a year."

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* Public attitudes towards climate change and the impact of transport, Department for Transport January 2011. This report points to recognition among motorists of the potential payback from eco driving: some 28% say they are willing to pay to learn fuel saving techniques.

** AA/Populus survey of 15,199 AA members between 23 December 2010 and 4 January 2011.

*** Based on a 50-litre tank and this week's average price of 128.83p per litre of unleaded (up 16.88p since a year ago); and 134.08 per litre of diesel (up 20.66p since a year ago).