Car insurance 'fronting' fraud

"Don't front a disaster!" AA Insurance warns Corrie's Tara

27 January 2009

Staff from AA Insurance watched recent episodes of Coronation Street (ITV Monday, Wednesday and Friday) intrigued as it appeared that Dev's girlfriend, Tara, was about to commit an insurance fraud. She planned to insure the car she wanted to give Amber, Dev's 18-year-old daughter, in her own name, adding Amber as a named driver.

This is known as 'fronting' and if Amber had an accident the fraud would have come to light, perhaps costing Tara a fortune to sort out.

Dev's battle of wills over his daughter's wish to get her first car could have ended up in financial disaster if his Coronation Street girlfriend Tara had had her way, according to AA Car Insurance.

Recent episodes have seen Tara step in to offer Amber her bright red VW Beetle saying they could save money on insurance by keeping the policy in Tara's name. Dev's daughter Amber, as an 18-year-old novice driver, would pay much higher premiums.

AA comment

"What Tara unwittingly suggested is a classic case of 'fronting', where people try to cut premiums by misleading insurers over who is the main driver or giving other false details," says AA Insurance Director Simon Douglas.

AA Insurance estimates that 25-year-old Tara would currently pay between £2,000 and £4,000 a year for insurance on her VW Beetle Cabriolet, depending on her no-claim status. The cost could rise to over £5,000 if the insurance was moved into Amber's name.

"But failing to do so would amount to fraud," Simon Douglas adds. "And, if there was an accident, it could have cost Tara a fortune. Evidence of fronting would see her shunned by insurers, exposing her to potentially tens of thousands in costs for damage to her own car and any third-party.

"Insurers take fronting very seriously and will investigate if there is reason to doubt information that customers provide. Although Tara meant well by offering Amber her car, her plan could have cost more than an argument with Dev. By trying to dodge a few hundred pounds or more in premiums she could have ended up out of pocket by a whole lot more."

Happily, in the following episode, Amber was seen working for Darryl in the kebab shop, for 50p per hour more than her dad paid her in his corner store. She haughtily tells her dad that she now aims to pay for her own driving lessons and buy – and insure – her own car.

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27 January 2009