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Wrong fuel incidents set to increase

AA fuel Assist vans are equipped to remove contaminated fuel The number of new diesel cars being bought in the UK now out-strips petrol models* so as people switch fuel types, it's little wonder that incidents of misfuelling are increasing.

And with diesel cars now even more quiet and refined, it's easy to forget you're driving one so you, too, could easily become one of the estimated 150,000 people who fill up each year with the wrong fuel.

Damage from wrong fuel can cost as much as £5000

Manufacturers often recommend changing parts that can total as much as £5000. While even a simple fuel drain from a garage can be £300+

But opt for AA fuel Assist and our highly trained specialists, equipped with the most advanced and safe mobile fuel retrieval system on the market, are at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call AA Fuel Assist on 0870 240 3985

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What to do if you fill with the wrong fuel

Stop filling as soon as you notice and don't start the car If you do put the wrong fuel in, stop filling as soon as you notice. Don't start the engine or turn on the ignition, and call the AA Breakdown number (0800 88 77 66) on your card for advice.

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Helping you and helping the planet

Last year AA fuel Assist recycled more than 1.5 million litres of contaminated fuel – our unique sealed system pumps out the fuel directly from the fuel line, ensuring there's no vapour loss – so all contaminated fuel is recycled.

Recycled fuel is eventually refined back into petrol and diesel for its original purpose.


3 November 2011

*According to SMMT new car registration data for February 2011