New Alresford, Hampshire

Father Christmas arrives - with help from the AA

After many carols and with strange intermittent sounds of running water and whistling wind it seemed the star guest was not going to arrive!!

Father Christmas arrives on the back of an AA recovery truck

Soon enough though, Father Christmas phoned Alresford HQ and told the children not worry, he wouldn't be long but had been caught in some of the floods and the snow blizzards! Fortunately had a trusted friend who had picked him up with his sleigh and was bringing him into the town so that no one would miss out.

The crowd cheered and all was well again!

The carol singing continued with chants of "Come on Father Christmas!" when all of a sudden a large, bright AA recovery lorry pulled into the main street with Father Christmas and his sleigh securely loaded onto the back.

The crowd cheered and all was well again! The children would meet their favourite person and get their presents!


9 December 2010